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DESIGN Services provided

At the crossroads of lifestyle and fashion, interior design is not just a matter of decor, but a path to a more inspired life. Home is the place we unwind from the past, live in the present and imagine our futures. Whether you are building a new house or just want to give an existing room a new look, our team will lead the way. From initial consultation to completion, the Luxe Interiors team works with clients to develop, conceptualize and create a space specific to them with a variety of resources and vendors. 

Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your project goals and scope.  


residential and commercial


SPace planning and drafting

Being able to visualize your space and how it all comes together   can be difficult to see at times. That's where we come in.  By creating scaled hand drawings or CAD drafts, we are here to help you realize the opportunities and best utilize your space. 


Custom furnishings and detailing

We are experts with product knowledge in our field.   Our vast library of custom furnishings, rugs, window treatments, wall coverings, and more allow us to create unique solutions for every space to fit your budget.   We are constant learners in keeping up with the latest and greatest innovations in design.  


color conceptualizing

Needing help figuring out how to make everything jive? Our expert eyes with color ensure a flow throughout the space, even if you don't execute the entire project at once.   A comprehensive plan is critical to preventing costly mistakes down the line.  

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coordination of subcontractors

Remodeling? Look no further. We'll coordinate, assist with planning, and advocate on your behalf any size project.   We surround ourselves with the best area contractors to ensure your experience is to the greatest satisfaction.